Houses for sale in Toronto

Toronto is a big world class city with many condominium skyscrapers that meet the demand of many different buyers. We are very fortunate to have an amazing selection of loft and condos however if you’re in the market for a freehold house in Toronto then the selection is very different. Finding a house for sale in Toronto downtown core is possible but the supply does not meet the demands so many buyers start exploring house for sale in Toronto’s West and East neighbourhoods. Real estate agents such as me are always on the lookout for up and coming neighbourhoods in Toronto where you can still find some fantastic deal.

Houses for sale in Toronto East and West neighbourhoods are among the oldest structures in the city. It is very important to make your offer to purchase conditional on you obtaining a satisfactory home inspection report from your home inspector. It is also extremely important to hire a professional experienced home inspector that truly has your best interests at heart. As a professional experienced real estate agent I have the best connections to home inspectors that will go through the house and point out areas of concern. The home inspector will also let you know what needs to be addressed right away and how much this work should cost. Finding a home for sale is easy… but you want to make sure that you’re not buying a lemon which will need major unexpected renovations.

There are some neighbourhoods where the house for sale Toronto are still very reasonably priced. The very central neighbourhood Toronto house prices are sometimes a bit more expensive then what some buyers are looking to spend so searching further West and East is the only solution to solve this problem. Some up and coming neighbourhoods that some buyer might want to explore when searching for a Toronto house is North and South of Davenport Road between Caledonia Road and Old Weston Road. This neighbourhood is quickly changing and the priced are very reasonable. These Toronto houses are also a short walk away from the trendiness of the Junction Neighbourhood along Dundas Street West between Keele Street and Runnymede Road.       

 Another house for sale Toronto neighbourhood that is reasonably priced is located North and South of St. Clair Avenue West between Dufferin Street and Lansdowne. This is an old Italian neighbourhood so it’s a perfect alternative to Little Italy on College Street and the prices are almost two times cheaper. This location also tends to be very popular with renters because of the convenience of the St. Clair Avenue West street car. I’m a real estate agent that specializes in Toronto investment properties so I’ve noticed over the last few years that this location has become very popular from an investment perspective. The rent charged in this location are competitive to Toronto neighbourhoods just south of this location however the prices are more reasonable.       

There are some amazing Toronto houses for sale so to start the search simply get in touch with me today so we can discuss your ideal criteria and determine what location would best match your needs. Also, I’m connected to the best mortgage brokers in the city so we can help you get financing in many different situations.

Condos for sale in downtown Toronto

Condos for sale in downtown Toronto come in many different styles and sizes. Undoubtedly the most popular style that developers build is the ultra modern / minimalistic Zen style that’s in demand at the moment. However, many buyers find that some of these Toronto Zen style buildings are don’t meet there needs from a few different perspectives. MLS Toronto condos for sale offer a huge selection of brand new Toronto condominiums that offer smaller SQFT and some very unusual layouts compared to some older Toronto condominiums.

Some new Toronto condos may look great but some buyers are not happy with the quality of certain buildings construction. There are some Toronto condos that are only 10 years old are starting to having serious issues with plumbing and window issues that are causing financial / major legal strain. It is extremely important to only purchase a condominium in a financially and legally stable building because these issues can seriously affect the values in the building. There are a few condominiums in downtown Toronto where the problems have become so bad from a legal perspective that major mortgage insurers like CMHC and GE have cut the insurance coverage. What this really means that if a buyer wants to buy something in these condominiums then they would need to put down 20+% of the purchase price as a down payment.

The reality is that due to these major legal and financing issues the prices in these building do go down because most buyers do not have enough of a down payment to purchase in these buildings without mortgage insurance. Some buyers that do have a full down payment would never want to buy into a condo Toronto that has these issues. There is always a chance that the prices will go down even further because the lawsuits take years to go through the courts and the legal representation is expensive for 20+ million dollar lawsuits.  

Some buyers prefer older Toronto condominium buildings because they have been around longer and therefore the condominium corporation is established. Generally the older Toronto condos have more expensive maintenance fees but for the most part this is due to the fact that the suites are bigger compared to the newer buildings. There are most fantastic well managed older condominiums in the city that are worth exploring. For the most part you would probably need to do some cosmetic renovations before moving in. However, this gives you the perfect opportunity to improve the suite so it matches your ideal quality and style criteria. Some of the popular older condo Toronto condos are Harbour Square Complex on the waterfront and The Park Lane Condo Complex in the University Avenue and Dundas Street West area.              

It’s important to work with an agent that knows the Toronto condo market inside and out. As you can see there can be serious consequences if you buy in the wrong condominium. I would be happy to represent your best interests to purchase or sell your condominium. Get in touch with me today to get started. Mls Toronto condos for sale

Info on Toronto King & Bathurst | new vs old condos

The Toronto Condos Listings market is thriving so no matter where neighbourhood you’re look for… be it North York, Etobicoke, Mississauga and especially downtown you will have a wonderful selection of suites and buildings to choose from. In the Toronto condos listings there is a great selection of new and old condo building that depending on what you value most will determine which options to consider. A good example when looking at Toronto Condos Listings is the square footage advantage that you get with the older options.

A good example of an older condo complex that’s popular is 701 King Street West, 705 King Street West, 725 King Street West AKA The Summit Complex. Suites in these Toronto condos listings are located in the King Street West and Bathurst Street area. This is a wonderful, vibrant and quickly growing Toronto neighbourhood. The Toronto Condos Listings in the area are steps away from trendy lounges, top notch restaurants and bustling pubs and clubs. This area is perfect for people that want to live in a vibrant downtown community that’s social, fun and unique. The new Toronto Condo Listings in this area are not your typical generic condo skyscrapers… for the most part.

The Toronto Condos Listings here are typically low rise contemporary condos or lofts. Of course this type of Toronto Condos Listings sells for a premium square foot price. However, this does not deter most Torontonians from living and loving this fantastic neighbourhood. So as you can see, when searching for a Toronto Condos listings the King and Bathurst area really does offer most buyers a bit of everything.

The downside to purchasing in an older condo is the maintenance fees are typically higher. If you compare the maintenance price per square foot in a older building VS a new one you would notice an increase. It is usually not much more in an older building (this is true for well managed condos) but sometime the price per square foot maintenance is staggering to say the least. When searching thru the Toronto Condos Listings take into consideration that you do get more square footage in older buildings … and then do the math to determine the how much more you’re actually paying for the maintenance… In my near decade long experience I’ve had many clients reconsider not buying in an older building once they see the fees are actually very reasonable and the size of the suites are better.

Toronto Condos Listings in older building are almost typically less expensive per square to purchase. There are many factors that come into play when looking at this trend. One of the reasons is that most buyers simply don’t have the time to deal with renovations so they would rather pay more for a newer condo suite and have new finishes without spending time and energy after the purchase. The other reason is that most buyers don’t have money left over after the purchase to do the renovations. So Toronto Condos Listings in older buildings are fantastic options for the right buyer and investor. I’ve seen spectacular renovations in older buildings so I highly recommend them. If you have the time / energy and money you can create something unique that no one else in the city has.

Toronto downtown lofts

Let me start by saying that we Torontonians are truly very lucky because we have a fine selection of Toronto Downtown Lofts. The selection for Toronto Downtown Lofts is truly impressive so you can pick and choose everything you ever dreamed of for your loft.

Toronto downtown lofts are most commonly split into two categories. The first one and most common type of Downtown Toronto Loft is called a “type of Downtown Toronto Loft”. “Soft lofts” are basically a new construction development… I’m sure you’ve seen many small lots around the Toronto that have been developed into small condominiums. Well this is basically what a downtown Toronto “soft loft”. Let me introduce you to some coupe popular Toronto Downtown “soft lofts”. A couple good examples are 32 Stewart St Toronto, ON M5V 2M9 AKA The Stewart Lofts and 42 Camden St Toronto, ON M5V 1V1, Canada AKA the Zen Lofts. I’ve sold suites in these Toronto downtown lofts and I highly recommend them.  

Typically these “soft lofts” have exposed concrete as a key element that gives them a unique industrial / commercial feel. Some of the Toronto Downtown Lofts have concrete work that is purposely and intentionally made to look more rugged. Some of the concrete work is almost like artwork... no two are alike.   

The second style of Toronto Downtown Lofts is definitely more limited in terms of selection and therefore is typically more expensive per square foot. This type of Toronto downtown lofts is known as the “hard loft”. Imagine the old Toronto, the old warehouses, factories & industrial buildings that back then were actually used for the original purpose. Now imagine Toronto downtown core in present day… Most of these unique historical buildings are now located in vibrant neighbourhoods and most have been converted into residential condo lofts or live/work condo lofts.

This is known as a “hard loft” because it’s authentic and in most cases truly spectacular! This style of downtown Toronto loft is rare & more expensive because there are only a hand full of old buildings that are worth converting into residential condo suites. Clients often ask me to find them a raw loft space in downtown Toronto and this style of Toronto downtown lofts are as raw as it gets for a residential loft or a live / work loft. The key futures that most “hard lofts” have are the exposed wooden support beams, exposed brick and high ceilings. Seeing these Downtown Toronto Lofts is always a treat for the eyes and in some cases the nose:). Believe it or not but the wooden support beams still give off a nice wood smell.

Here are some examples of very popular downtown Toronto “hard lofts”. The Candy Factory Lofts @ 993 Queen St W, Toronto M6J 1H2 and the Massey Harris Lofts @ 915 King St W, Toronto M6K 3M2. These two downtown Toronto lofts are the epitome of what a “hard loft” offers in terms of the authenticity & historical significance.

I would be happy to share my near decade long loft expertise with you. I’m always here to help you when you’re ready to sell or if you are looking to buy a downtown Toronto loft.

Buying a Toronto condo? read about the good & the bad

Thank you for visiting my website Toronto downtown condos for sale can easily be located here and well as information on key condominium buildings & loft buildings that I’ve decided profile for you. The profiles that I’ve put together for these key Toronto condominiums will provide you with some in-depth information about the buildings approx age, developer information, neighbourhood details and other important facts you would want to know when looking for a Toronto downtown condos for sale. These Toronto downtown condo profiles are being up updated and added to on a regular basis so if you don’t see certain Toronto condominium profiles, please check back later. 

When searching for Toronto downtown condos for sale it’s important to know that there are good & bad condominiums. Toronto downtown condos for sale that are worth buying are ones that are well managed, with reasonable maintenance fees and no expensive lawsuits that are filed by the condominium corporation or against the condominium corporation. The Agreement of Purchase and Sale Condominium should have a clause that makes the offer conditional on the buyer’s lawyer reviewing the Status Certificate documents. This is very important when buying a Toronto downtown condos for sale because a poor financing / legal situation of the condominium may stop the banks from giving you a mortgage and ultimately in the long run effect saleability when you want to sell your Toronto condo in the future.

The Toronto downtown condos for sale status certificate is approx 100 pages long and is provided to you by the condominium corporation by request for about $100. Please take note that there is always a timeline for the seller to forward to the buyer’s lawyer these documents and there is also a timeline in which the buyer’s lawyer has to review the Status Certificate. Typically for Toronto downtown condos for sale it’s up to 10 business days for the seller to forward the documents to the buyers lawyer and 2 business days for the buyers lawyer to review the Toronto Condominium Status Certificate.

When looking for Toronto downtown condos for sale it’s important to work with an agent that knows the Toronto condominium buildings and can provide insight and guide you in buying into a good Toronto condominium. Some of the issues certain Toronto condominiums have are there for many years so a knowledgeable agent will advice you accordingly in advance. The last thing you want is to spend time searching for a suite, submitting an offer, spending money on Status Certificate review and then finding out that the building you picked has major legal issues, no money on the reserve fund and the bank won’t even give you a mortgage for it. Worst case scenario!

Some popular Toronto neighbourhoods for condos

Let me talk a bit about the condo Toronto downtown market in terms of different neighbourhoods that this amazing city offers us. We are fortunate to have such a lively downtown core and the selection of different neighbourhoods is simply outstanding. Every condo Toronto downtown neighbourhood offer something unique. The detailed information can be found under TO areas section on my site but for now let’s talk about the different neighbourhoods that provide a great selection of condos. 

A popular condo Toronto downtown neighbourhood is definitely King West. Take a walk in the Toronto King West neighbourhood and you will see that the King West condos are typically smaller and more “boutique” like compared to the huge skyscrapers that some of the other Toronto neighbourhoods offer.   This condo Toronto downtown neighbourhood has a quieter and less congested feel so it’s perfect anyone that doesn’t want to feel as if they are living in a concrete jungle. Also, depending on your budget the King West neighbourhood offer fabulous freehold houses! 

Another popular condo Toronto downtown neighbourhood is the St Lawrence Market. Here you can find many beautiful historical Toronto buildings with some modern condominiums next door. This neighbourhood can be very lively on certain street like The Esplanade and Front Street and quite on others where you can find some amazing upscale restaurants tucked away on our old Toronto streets. This condo Toronto downtown neighbourhood offers the best of everything this great city has to offer. 

Some amazing options can also be found in the Queen Quay / Lake front neighbourhood. If you’re looking for a waterfront condo Toronto downtown then this is the perfect neighbourhood for you. I find this neighbourhood perfect for active individuals that love to run, walk their dog and simply put take advantage of the beautiful waterfront. East Queens Quay is being completely redeveloped now so it’s exciting to see what the future holds for the East waterfront. The condominium selection on the Queens Quay is plenty but be prepared to pay a premium for a good exposure. 

Want to be near the Yonge Street subway or Bay Street? This neighbourhood is a great option for investors, Bay St professionals, students and everyone seeking a convenient location. Many great area amenities are just a short stroll away so put on your walking shoes. Yorkville is one of the hot spots that is generally a reasonable walking distance away from most of the Bay Street condos. This is a condo Toronto downtown neighbourhood that has its share of high end condominiums with phenomenal exposures but at the same time it offer more affordable options that tend to be a bit older and in need to some renovation.

Toronto is a great metropolitan city and we are extremely fortunate to have many neighbourhoods that give off unique vibes. No matter what your needs are… I can find you that right combination great location, right price and right condo Toronto downtown. Let’s start the search today!

Working with the right broker is the first step to finding your Toronto condo

When starting the search for a Toronto Condos Downtown most buyers are extremely overwhelmed by the selection. After all imagine yourself standing back on the edge of the core and trying to decipher the maze of tall skyscrapers that are boxed in by more tall skyscrapers. It’s sometimes hard to do this even if you’re intimately connected with the Toronto Condos Downtown and show them on a daily. Let’s not get too overwhelmed because buying a Toronto Condos Downtown can be a fun and an amazing experience if you’re working with a broker like me. 

I’m Roman Korobkin and I have been a part of elite Royal LePage team for nearly a decade. Specializing in selling Toronto condos downtown from day one is very important because it gives you a huge advantage when searching for something specific in the maze of Toronto downtown condominiums. With my intimate knowledge of all the Toronto Condos Downtown I can pinpoint and guide you in the right direction to find the perfect option that meets the your budget / location / finishes and other features.  

When searching for a Toronto condos downtown you must be efficient because time is limited for the good Toronto Condominiums. The good condo suite option that shows well and is market priced typically sells quickly so it’s important to see them first and see them fast. This is where my knowledge and efficiency matters because we will see the good options that match your needs fast and in most cases this can be done with only one outing. Why waste your time looking at the so so options when the good ones are selling from under your nose?

How do we pinpoint the very best options? Well when searching for a Toronto Condos Downtown we need to first and foremost establish your list of needs and wants. This list would include criteria items like; what do you want to live close to? how far east, west, north & south do you want to search? how much space do you need? is parking a must? what amenities, if any, do you want to Toronto condominium to have? and finally what is your ideal budget? 

The very last criteria your ideal budget should be double checked with the bank to make sure we are on the right path to meet your financial needs. I highly recommend connecting with a good mortgage broker that deals with multiple lending institutions because this way he/she can shop around for the best interest rate for you. If you simply visit your bank they would only tell you about their mortgage products and in most cases you can find a better interest rate elsewhere. Also, another important factor when looking for financing are the lenders lending criteria… Some are stricter then others so a mortgage broker will assess your financing situation / credit score etc… and determine which lenders to pursue. I have connection to the best mortgage brokers in the city. You can find their contact information under the contacts tab at the top of the site.

Your budget will determine which of your criteria’s we should put more weight on. Whether it is location over size or maybe size and style over the location etc... Or if your budget matches your Toronto Condos Downtown criteria we can locate something that matches you’re needs perfectly.